Plane Software has been creating unique software for commercial boarding kennels, grooming salons, daycares and stables since 1999.


Hi Everyone,

This is Jay Vinton. I'm the owner of Plane Software and the creator and author of KennelSuite.

I'm sorry to announce that Plane Software, Inc. will close on July 31, 2016.

Tech Support

Ongoing tech support will be handled something like this:
    New customers will continue to receive regular tech support until one year after their original purchase of the full product.

    Customers with existing tech support cases will continue to receive support until the problem is resolved.

    For others, I haven't decided. Support could be nothing or it could be a fee-based arrangement. I'll let you know.


The best way to protect yourself is to click File > Backup at the end of each business day. This not only copies your data for safekeeping, it also runs maintenance routines on your database to keep it healthy and efficient.

If you don't do this maintenance, your database will eventually blow up, much like a car's engine that doesn't get scheduled oil changes.

It's equally important to have a UPC (uninterruptible power supply, aka battery backup) on each computer.

Help Yourself

I'll be posting more topics in the FAQ (you'll find it on the website in the menu on the left) on caring for your database and recovering from a crash.

I wouldn't be too concerned about not having tech support. KennelSuite is easy to learn & use and, despite some squirreliness in v9, it's quite reliable.

All you need to do is take a backup/maintenance by clicking File > Backup from KennelSuite's main window at the end of every working day.

If your disk crashes or the database becomes damaged for some reason, you can restore from yesterday's backup.

Then manually reconstruct what happened today before the crash. Use  printable things like run cards for the check ins and the sales detail report for the check outs.

Another good practice, which will probably mean that you won't need to restore from backup if your disk crashes, is to add a second disk in a "RAID 1" configuration.

The RAID software is built into Windows so your cost is only the price of a hard disk and the labor to install and configure it. RAID is very cheap insurance and I highly recommend it.
There are many levels but you're interested only in "RAID 1" for redundancy.

Stay tuned for more articles in the FAQ.

'Greyhounds' provided by the Detroit Kennel Club